What band should my CB be on?

In addition to following the regulations and guidelines set forth by the FCC, it is also important to be aware of the different types of channels and their intended use when operating a CB radio. The 40 channels on the CB band are divided into two main categories: “AM” channels and “SSB” channels.

The AM channels, numbered 1-40, are intended for voice communication using Amplitude Modulation (AM) and are the most commonly used channels for general communication. The SSB channels, numbered 1-12, are intended for use with Single Sideband (SSB) modulation, which allows for more efficient use of the available bandwidth and can result in longer-range communication.

It’s also important to note that certain channels are designated for specific types of use. For example, channel 9 is typically used as an emergency channel, while channel 19 is commonly used by truckers and other professional drivers for communication on the highways.

In summary, the band that your CB radio should be on is the 11 meter band and the channel choice should be based on the type of communication you intend to make, and the regulations of your country. It’s important to check with the FCC or a local authority to ensure that you are operating within the legal limits and regulations in your area.