Does preppers use CB radios?

Yes, preppers (people who prepare for emergencies or disasters) sometimes use CB radios as a means of communication. CB radios are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, and they do not require a license to operate, which makes them a popular choice among preppers.

In case of emergency or disaster, traditional communication infrastructure such as telephone lines and cellular networks may be damaged or overloaded, making them unreliable or unavailable. In such scenarios, CB radios can provide a means of communication with other people, including other preppers, emergency responders, and officials.

CB radios also have a longer range than other forms of communication such as walkie-talkies or FRS radios, allowing preppers to communicate with others over a larger area.

CB radios can also be useful for preppers who live in rural or remote areas, where cellular coverage is unreliable or non-existent, and other forms of communication such as the internet or satellite phones may not be available.

In summary, CB radios are a useful tool for preppers as a means of communication in case of emergency or disaster, due to their long range and the ability to work when other forms of communication are down.