CB Radio WebSDR

WebSDR stands for Web-based Software-Defined Radio, and it is a type of online service that allows users to listen to and tune into different radio frequencies using a web browser. Some WebSDRs are set up to allow users to listen to CB (Citizens Band) radio frequencies.

WebSDRs work by connecting to a remote receiver and then streaming the audio to the user’s computer through the internet. This allows users to listen to CB radio transmissions from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection.

WebSDRs are usually operated by amateur radio operators or other radio enthusiasts who have set up a receiver and server to stream the CB radio transmissions to the internet.

If you’re interested in CB radio listening, I would recommend visiting this European CB radio WebSDR website (it is located in middle of Europe and covers alot). This website provides a web-based interface that allows you to tune in to different CB radio frequencies and listen to the transmissions. This websdr also has the entire range of shortwave frequencies, which are also worth checking out, as there are many interesting QSOs there.