Are CB’s still used?

CB radios have been largely replaced by other forms of wireless communication, such as cellular phones and two-way radios.

Cellular phones have become increasingly popular and widely available, providing a more convenient and reliable form of communication for many people. They offer a wider range of features and services, such as text messaging, internet access, and GPS navigation.

Two-way radios, such as those used by businesses and organizations, have also become more advanced and feature-rich, making them a viable alternative to CB radios for many users. They often offer better range, clarity and reliability, and the ability to communicate with a larger number of users.

In addition, many other forms of communication have been developed, such as Wi-Fi, satellite phones, and social media, which can be used to communicate with others in different ways.

So, the CB radio was replaced by a combination of these new communication technologies, that offer more convenience, reliability, and features than CB radios.